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Soleil is a local 2 players co-op game in which you embody Nyima and Dawasa, two magician twins travelling  to find their Mentor who has disappeared.

The world has been striked by an unknown disease and people have been turning into monsters called Tainted Ones.

Use your magical powers to save Tainted Ones and militiamen, fighting with each other for survival. 

Please keep in mind that this version is a vertical slice and has been developped in six months by french students. So think of it as a proof of concept representing a part of the game happening a bit after the first quarter.

To play, you will need to use either 2 controllers or a streaming software such as Parsec.


Game Designers 
Ludovic Bouron  -  Leticia Clerc  -  Camille Decressain  -  Léonard Delarche  -  Charlotte Fries  -  Tanguy Gallard  -  Thibault Vincent

Concept Artists 
Laura Cerutti  -  Amandine Chaudiere  -  Arthur Mougne  -  Oriane Vercrouste

3D Artists
Kais Bentabak  -  Lucas Brun  -  Kevin Cadet  -  Alexandre Dureuil  -  Jules Peyres  -  Julia Teixera

Alicia Allemang  -  Justine Coulon  -  Jeremy Destaebel  -  Lisa Fachon  -  Kellen Polge  -  Claire Rodet

Jeremie Esperet  -  Tom Quelvenec


Soleil.zip 201 MB

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