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This Global Game Jam Game is the narrative sequel of Homeless Business (a Ludum Dare Game)!! Our hero, the mysterious homeless falls down in an abandoned school where he will have to find items and craft some tools to keep moving in this place!

But a Mysterious entity... which can see only the movement... Will chase you... So be stealth !!


MOVE: left stick

TAKE OBJECT IN LEFT HAND: Left Trigger ( Xbox controller) / L2 (DualShock Controller)

TAKE OBJECT IN RIGHT HAND: Right Trigger ( Xbox controller) / R2 (DualShock Controller)

COMBINE & USE OBJECTS: A button ( Xbox controller) / X (DualShock Controller)

Credits :

Clerc Leticia
Delarche Léonard
Gallard Tanguy


Homeless_Escape_Build.rar 35 MB

Install instructions

just unzip the file and click on the HomelessEscapeGGJ2020.exe

The game can be played with different types of controllers (X-box, PS4...). The use of analog joysticks has an impact on the Gameplay.

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